Stewart Johnson

Stewart Johnson

Managing Director & Senior Project Manager

Johnson Group WA

Stewart Johnson is Managing Director and Senior Project Manager for the Johnson Group WA. It is a boutique project management business that covers both project management and development management.

My Background

Stewart Johnson PortraitWe are slightly different from some of the other larger project and development management firms. We are hands-on in what we do. Therefore what you get from our business is a Director on every project and a spread of project knowledge across the Group. At any time a client can get in touch with someone at Johnson Group who's aware of the project and knowledgeable about what is involved. My role in the business is Managing Director and also Senior Project Manager.

Our Work with Geoff Hesford Engineering (GHE)

 I've engaged Geoff Hesford for over twenty years. Mainly I've been seeking his strong core disciplines as a Mechanical Consultant. He also does Fire design.

I employ Geoff to do two things. One of them is to bring his depth of knowledge to the project and provide me with a high-performance cost-efficient design. The other thing is the basic mechanical consulting services that he provides, during the design phase as well as the construction delivery phase. Geoff creates the most efficient design possible as well as the best performance outcome. 

Effective Communication 

Geoff can work at both ends of the spectrum, be it high level aesthetic architectural, or low-level commercial style. This is very good. I'd probably put that as one of Geoff's great strengths alongside his honesty, frankness and willingness to look at alternatives and work with new technology.  He makes the process easier.

Best Performance Outcomes.

There are tools in the industry at the moment that rate efficiency, for example, green star ratings and energy performance ratings. We try to achieve the highest rating for the least possible cost. That requires quite a bit of experience in engineering. It's quite easy to give you the highest performance at the highest cost, but high performance and the moderate cost is a real skill.


.. one of Geoff's great strengths alongside his honesty, frankness and willingness to look at alternatives and work with new technology.  He makes the process easier.


Thorough Analysis

The reason that I choose Geoff is that I know I get a really thorough analysis of what are the best mechanical and fire systems to suit the project and client that I'm dealing with. 

It will vary from client to client. If you are working with a university you want something that's robust, good solid performance, low maintenance, quite flexible in its operation. If you do apartments you want something that's low cost, efficient, but in the end, you're not holding the asset for 30 years. So, therefore, there's a lesser focus on the longterm maintenance of it, relevant to the cost associated with it.


Geoff is very precise in his approach. It's very much a discussion about what's the best way to do it, with an understanding of the project and an understanding of the client. Marrying all those objectives, Geoff will come back with options. 

Those options will have differing cost parameters, performance outcomes, and they'll have different spatial requirements. From that, we bring to the table a couple of options that we'll work through with our clients. At the end of the day, they'll understand the implications of costs, time and longterm performance. It's very much a collaborative effort with Geoff as opposed to others, who tend to be after just an engineering outcome. 

Geoff has a commitment to understanding what our client wants. That way, the client feels part of the team, and they are informed about their longterm purchase. 

Years of Knowledge

Geoff brings years of knowledge. Despite that experience, he's not old fashioned or staid in what he does. He moves well with the times.  There are always new products coming to the market. There are fads that come to the market as well. Geoff will thoroughly examine each and decide what's acceptable and what isn't. 

Fantastic Performance Results

We've just been able to achieve fantastic results because our clients are satisfied with the product. They felt absolute involvement in the decisions that are being made about their assets. In regards to the long term performance of those assets, our clients actively monitor and register asset performance. Geoff's projects are in the top echelons of their CBD building Portfolios. It's been quite phenomenal.

Communication Style

Geoff has a more collaborative style and an ability to understand the client. He's had experience with so many different clients, different systems and different performance outcomes. His judgement is guided by that perspective.

In Demand

One thing I know is that Geoff and his team are extremely busy. If you want Geoff, you've got to identify that very early in your planning. He's busy because he's good.

Efficient Outcome

Working with Geoff you'll get an extremely thorough and efficient outcome relevant to your design. With other consultants in the industry, you're going to work a lot harder to get to that position.

High Standard Achieved

Years of experience has given Geoff the ability to understand the impact of other disciplines and fairly quickly come up with an efficient design in the upper quartile. That is one of his great strengths.

He will understand exactly what those other disciplines special requirements are and works extremely well with the architects. He considers their aesthetic outcomes as well as the commercial.